Food programs for hungry Honduran children
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Feed The Children

Nearly 47% of Honduran children are malnourished. With your donations, Missions for Honduras can begin more feed-the-children programs in poor Honduran communities.

Outreach brigades bring food, clothing, prayer,and medical care to residents
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Outreach Brigades

The mobile outreach brigades go into the villages and communities in the San Pedro Sula area and take the residents much needed prayer, food, clothing, and medical care.

Mission for Honduras water well projects
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Water Wells

Many residents have to haul water for many miles. Often the water is contaminated and unfit to drink which in turn causes many Hondurans to become sick from waterborne infections.

Photo of the Ministerio Vida medical clinic
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Ministerio Vida

Read about the modern medical clinic donated by the CURE organization that is now providing much needed medical and dental care in San Pedro Sula