About Us

Our names are Gary and Monica Lemons. We are just two ordinary people whom God has called to serve in Honduras. Our mission experiences began when Monica took her first trip in 2011 with a church group from Beckley, WV. I began going the following year. On these brigade mission trips, Monica and I fell in love with the people and were deeply touched by their everyday struggles to survive the crime, poverty, and sicknesses that plague the country. As a result of our experiences, we made the commitment to find the means to fund water wells and children's lunch programs in an effort to make a longer lasting impact on communities we are able to work alongside. We have been blessed to have become sponsored in part by my home church, Jonesborough Church of God in Jonesborough, Tn. Pastor Michael Lusk and the church membership are allowing us to raise funds through the church. This association ensures the accountability chain and also meets the IRS requirements for tax deductible donations. Although our primary focus is on water and food for the children, we continue to support the brigade missions.

All the mission funds come either from fund raising efforts by team members,or from donations. There are no administrative fees or salaries paid to anyone directly involved in the mission work and donations are tax deductible. 100 percent of your donations go directly to benefit the people of Honduras through water wells and food programs for children.

The needs of many people in Honduras are very great, but unfortunately, we are a relatively small group of volunteers and can reach only part of them. The realization that we cannot be everything for everyone has lead us to concentrate our efforts in the San Pedro Sula region of Honduras. San Pedro is reputed to be the crime and murder capitol of the world, yet it contains some of the finest people our members have ever met in their lives. This decision to concentrate efforts in one area for these past years has forged many long lasting a relationships with the Honduran people we are privileged to work with.

We need your help to continue reaching out to the people of San Pedro in our efforts to Spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, to feed the hungry, and to give drink to the thirsty. With your prayers and financial help, all of these will be possible. As  you read through our website, we hope if your heart is touched by these people that you will decide to become a part of Missions for Honduras by pledging your support through prayer and donations.

at a Honduras crusade
Photo of us taken at the Santa Cruz Minas, Honduras crusade