Feed the Children Program

As a result of nearly 60% of the Honduras residents living below the poverty level of $2.00 per day, many children often go hungry. It is estimated that 47% of Honduran children suffer from malnourishment. During our missionary trips to Honduras, Monica and I saw first hand the results of the extreme poverty that exists in many communities and villages. We came back from this last trip with a plan to help some of the children.

We are putting together programs to equip local churches to provide at least one meal per day to the local children. In addition to a healthy lunch, they will be offered Bible lessons, educational activities, and personal hygiene training. The cost of the program is really quite inexpensive compared to what it would cost here in the States. Meals can be provided for approximately 40 cents each. That's only $140 a year per child. Most communities have about 40 to 50 children. This means most, if not all, the community children can be fed for only $6000 per year.

42.5% of the Honduran population is under 18 years old. Of which, 30% is under the age of 5. We hope you share with us the hope of reaching this young section of the population so that they can begin to make positive changes in their country. Please join us in prayer for these children and if you feel the desire to help financially, please visit our Donation page to make a tax deductible contribution to the children's food program.

Food programs for hungry Honduran children
Nearly 47% of Honduran children are malnourished. With your donations, Missions for Honduras can begin more feed the children programs in poor Honduran communities.