January 2015 Trip Summary

Monica and I just returned from two weeks in Honduras doing some fact finding and research to help us fine tune our future as a missionary couple in the Missions for Honduras program. We had spent hours praying about and discussing different options to pursue while there, only to to learn in the first three days that things were not going to be anything close to what we had expected. We had cancelled meetings, wrong audiences, conflicts in schedules, and bad communications  jump up like weeds in a garden. It was frustrating to say the least. But, we serve a God of order, not chaos. He proved He is in control by opening many more doors than He closed during the trip. We came away with two primary focus areas. The first, water wells, had been established over a year ago and remained unchanged. The second, a children's lunch program, didn't fully develop until after after we returned back home.

We knew that helping provide clean water to communities was still a priority and had hopes of getting one well drilled on this trip. We were disappointed when we realized that equipment and logistical problems would prevent  our first choice of well driller from helping us. Then, the back up source would not return phone calls. God turned this fiasco into a blessing. We were able to meet with a representative from Operation Blessing, who once the well is drilled, may help the community get a water tank and help with getting running water to their homes.

Monica had hoped to start a Bible study group with college students in San Pedro. She was scheduled to speak to a group from the university. But, the initial audience turned out to be a mix of grade and high school students. This group was pared down to just those in high school, but they didn't show much interest in learning the Bible. However, there was one young women who is a teacher at the university that did express interest and she may prove to be a seed for future Bible study groups.

We had the opportunity to twice visit a church with very good children and youth programs. The pastor and his wife have been feeding approximately 180  local children lunch as part of their outreach to the community. Unfortunately, their donor will not operate in Honduras after this year. We have been exposed to other similar programs in communities that have help prevent children from going hungry all day. When we stopped and realized that over 40% of the Hondurans are under age 18 and 30% of those are under five, it dawned on us that it was the young children who need to be reached. The country is a nation of children. Our vision is to help raise funds to allow us to partner with local churches to begin a children's lunch program. The package will include Bible study, educational exercises, and personal hygiene training. It is our prayer that positive change in Honduras can occur through children reached by these and similar programs. Maybe that wrong audience was God's way of telling us to first bring the children to Him.

We need your prayers and donations to accomplish what God has set before us. Please become part of these efforts.