The mission organizers have chosen an organized approach for putting teams of missionaries to work in the field. Teams are formed to perform specific tasks once on location at a community church or community. Depending on the community needs and the mission goals to be accomplished, teams are selected to travel and work in the target areas. These group efforts are called brigades. Once on site, the brigade separates into their individual teams to begin working with the community residents.

Most brigades consist of prayer, medical pharmacy, food, and clothing teams. These areas have been the missions core for several years. 2015 will see the increased use of construction, support, and children's teams. Also, a new water well team is being developed for upcoming missions. This Missions for Honduras group, with God's blessings and your donations, is attempting to be better equipped to lead the community residents to Jesus for their spiritual security while providing more of their physical needs.

If after learning more about us through this site and you feel the urge to help, please contact us for more information on how you can become involved. If you would like to make a monetary donation, please go to our Donation Page and make a secure online donation.

Outreach brigades bring food, clothing, prayer,and medical care to residents
The mobile brigade teams bring much needed prayer, food, clothing, and medical care to residents of many Honduran villages and communities.