Water Wells

Clean water in many parts of Honduras is not readily available to most residents. It can be purchased, but many households do not have enough income to even provide a steady supply of food. As a result people are forced to use whatever water sources they have available in the neighborhood. Most shallow water sources, if not all, are highly polluted from the raw sewage running down trenches beside the roads in front of the houses,or from animal waste draining into the water supply.

Medical teams find that the vast majority of the people examined have intestinal diseases, or are infested with parasites. The cause of which is easily traced back to the water supply. Treating these diseases amounts to a temporary band-aid being applied to a lacerated artery. The symptoms will return in a few days after the medicines have run out and no longer available. So, the solution lies in correcting the root problem of unsafe water.

Drilling water wells in these communities has become another focal point of Missions for Honduras. Lord willing, 2015 will see the first water wells being drilled so that free clean water will be available to everyone in the communities. Plans are also being formulated to bring health and sanitation training to the residents to further reduce the suffering from intestinal sicknesses.  Plans include not only education for children and adults, but the tools (such as filters, soap, toothbrushes, drinking utensils, etc.) to help them overcome this malady that plagues them.

Financial help is desperately need to accomplish these goals of supplying clean water to so many families. The current estimate for drilling a typical well is $4000 U.S. Compared to the cost here in the States for drilling a well, it's a bargain, but out of reach for most Honduran communities. For the folks in Honduras a $4000 investment in a well for them will help provide the priceless commodity of good health. As you take your next drink of cheap clean water, please remember the people of Honduras and help us supply them with a drink of clean water too. Jesus gives us Living Water for eternal life. Shouldn't we be willing to give water for the physical lives of these people? If you would like to help bring clean water to a community, please make a donation today.


Going from polluted and questionable water to clean safe water
Help sponsor a well which will allow a community to go from polluted and questionable water to clean safe water